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Light or Medium Pressure 
A traditional Swedish style soothing massage that improves circulation and relieves tension.
Your choice of aromatherapy blends.(Add $10)
30 min $65 - 45min $89 - 60min $110 - 90min $155





Deep Tissue
Strong Pressure 
Various techniques are incorporated with a therapeutic massage oil to reach deeper into the body to release muscle tension and structural imbalances.
30 min $75 - 45min $99 - 60min $120 - 90min $165



Medium Pressure
This yoga-like massage is performed on the floor and focuses on deep stretches, energy lines and rhythmic compression. Guests should wear yoga clothing.
45min $89 - 60min $110 - 90min $155




Medium Pressure 
Lomilomi originated in the islands to restore the power within. Long, gliding rhythmic movements with the forearms and hands ease tension and relax muscles.
Your choice of aromatherapy blends. (Add $10)
45min $89 - 60min $110 - 90min $155



Hot Stone
Warmed lava stones and balancing aromatherapy oils are used to bring you the energy of the earth. The heat and weight of the stones helps warm and relax tense muscles.
75min $145 - 90min $190





This unique foot massage incorporates reflex points that represent each organ and area of the body. Your feet have never felt so good.
Your choice of aromatherapy blends. (Add $10)
30min $65 - 60min $110




PreNatal Massage
Light or Medium Pressure 
A safe, soothing treatment for women who are experiencing a normal, healthy pregnancy. Relieves fluid and pressure due to weight gain, encourages healthy circulation and promotes restful sleep patterns.
30 min $65 - 45min $89 - 60min $110 - 90min $155



couple massage


Couples Massage
Why not indulge in our couples treatments created especially for two. Your choice of Relaxation, Deep Tissue or Prenatal massage in couples room side by side.
Your choice of aromatherapy blends. (Add $10)
60min $249 - 90min $359



Symmetry Therapeutic Massage
Symmetry (Postural Corrective Exercise) where the alignment of the body is measured to learn how the posture has moved out of place. A tailored corrective exercise and hands on massage is then combined to bring the posture back to it's normal balance. Normally runs as a 3 or 4 month program, but feel free to try a single session to learn how Symmetry can help you. Inquire about special package pricing. 90min $249








Massage Companions
Hot Scalp, Neck & Shoulders: Light, Medium or Strong Pressure. 30 minutes $55

Aromatherapy: Experience the simple pursuit of sharing the true power of essential oils and the incredible effects they have on the body and mind. These blended essential oils with unique active botanicals have led to remarkable innovations in skincare resulting in beautiful, glowing, healthy skin free from harsh chemicals and unnecessary synthetics. $10