Microblading is a type of semi-permanent makeup using hair-like strokes to fill in missing eyebrow hair. This method uses fine deposits of cosmetic tattoo pigments in the upper layers of skin to enhance brows by defining and filling in missing eyebrow hair.

If you have lost your brows and have none, or just need a little help with very blonde, faint or sparse eyebrows or would like to add a slight arch, microblading can give you the appearance of very natural, fuller brows with custom shape, fullness and colour to match your natural colour.

Results can last from one to three years depending on individual skin type and lifestyle.
Before the technique begins the brows are drawn in with a removable pencil while a topically applied numbing cream takes affect.

A slight discomfort may be felt, but it is relatively painless. The entire process takes approximately 2 hours.

There is no down time and it is totally safe. The healing process varies per individual. On average healing takes 25-30 days allowing the colour to completely set in. Afterwards you can swim and rub your brows. A touch up is recommended after the first 30 days and then once a year.